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Society, science and the economy are open and digital. Open innovation, open banking, frugal innovation, data-driven business models, digital platforms and ecosystems must be strategically considered within the digital transformation.

We respond to your individual needs and find suitable solutions for the most varied concerns; as a sparring partner for senior management or business owners, we analyse and moderate strategy workshops, develop business strategies, and define and supervise projects and studies.

With open our broad network of diverse value partners, link knowledge to innovation and thus generate added value for our customers.

Our decades of experience from the financial sector, including FinTech and InsureTech and real-economy, combined with applied research leads to four overlapping circles of competence.

Circles of competence
  • Identify exponential technologies and innovation potentials  

  • Develop sustainable and competitive business models for the digital future

  • Design digital value creation models and ecosystems

  • Evaluate partnerships and incorporate value generators 

  • Analyse and optimise sales processes

  • Funding and client acquisition

  • Develop client centricity and customer journeys 

Marketing &
Globalisierung Konzept
  • Develop marketing and communication plans

  • PR and communication in printmedia and online 

  • Organize events and engage suitable speakers and VIP-guests

  • Leadership coaching in advisory boards or board of directors

  • Develop and lead C-level communities

  • Lectures, workshops, trainings

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